Along with visiting our galleries for our exhibits, we make it easy to incorporate art into your everyday life through our digital presence. Our celebrated Picture of the Week series delivers a beautiful work of art straight to your inbox every Tuesday for a little way to brighten your day. Be sure to sign up for it here. Read the latest from the art world and learn more about buying and collecting art with our blog. And check out how our pieces are brought to life with our photos of art displayed in buyers’ homes on our Pinterest board.


Art is best experienced in person. Nothing can beat the emotional reaction of seeing a piece of work right in front of you. For something so personal, we believe that adding art to your collection should not be based on photographs alone. You need to ensure that it connects with you and your space. We offer works on loan for private clients and designers and on consignment for consultants so that you can make sure it’s right for you.  If you’re interested in a piece, please reach out to us for more information about our lending services.


We love speaking with people in the gallery and figuring out which artists and pieces are the best fits for them as we get to know them. Visiting your home or office helps us even more with deciding what kind of art might be best for your space and your sensibility. Or, if you’ve already decided on a piece and need help placing it, we understand the requirements to help highlight the work to its full potential.


We specialize in matching clients with beautiful, exciting contemporary artwork. Once we’ve found the perfect piece together, it’s time to bring it home. 

Our shipping and delivery fees are as follows:

                                    Local Delivery, Manhattan/Hamptons   

                                                Work on Paper: $50

                                                 Painting: $100

                                    Local Delivery, Outside Manhattan

                                                Per quote


                                                Work on Paper: $50

                                                Painting: $150

                                                Oversize: Per quote

                                                International: Per quote

We accept all major credit cards. Our credit card fee is 3%

We offer a 20% trade discount.


Our Manhattan location is right in the heart of the New York City art world. Chelsea is full of galleries, and exploring all that they have to offer is a great way to spend the day. Led by our knowledgeable gallerists, our tours take you on a fun and exciting trip around the best galleries in the neighborhood. Contact us to see when our upcoming events are, or to arrange a private tour.


If you’re looking to add some beauty to your sets, photo shoots, or events, our works are available for loan to stylists.  Please contact us for more information.


Our galleries are available to rent for small private events. If you have a stylish event planned and all you need is the perfect venue, please reach out for our rates and availability.